What is the Chatroom feature?

February 01, 2021

What is the Chatroom feature?

The Global Chat room is a first of its kind worldwide messaging room which offers users the chance to communicate with anyone, anywhere at any time. With the choice to enter either with your real name and a photo of themselves, or with a fun nickname and avatar, meaning you’re in control of the amount of personal data you share. Making for a fun and more importantly safe environment for everyone.

The chat room allows users to connect with different, interesting people from around the world, whether you’re looking to make new friends, a new pen pal or a new relationship, the LinxApp chat room gives you that ability to connect with people around the world, from different countries, cultures and walks of life.

There are different ways to communicate within the chat room:

  • In the global chatroom, where you can meet people from multiple countries or use filters like location, age or gender to filter people you wish to meet
  • Message people privately, away from the chatroom. If you are using a nickname and avatar this will remain in place until you choose to share your real name.

You have the option when communicating in the chat room to take part in the global discussion, which can be filtered via age, gender and location to help you make the right connections. If you make a new friend or connection in the chatroom you have the option to start a private conversation between just yourselves. If users are using a nickname and avatar within the chat room these will transfer to the private conversation, to allow the user to choose the level of personal information they wish to share, it then becomes the user’s choice if they wish to continue the conversation with their real name and photo and add their new connection to their personal LinxApp network.

Why not join the LinxApp community and try out the global chat room for yourself!

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