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Say ‘Hello’ to the latest innovation in messaging. Offering innovative features and allowing you to respond to messages in realistic ways, LinxApp takes your online conversations to the next level. Our unique global chatroom means meeting new friends and connecting with people from around the world has never been easier. With LinxApps privacy policy you can rest assured knowing your personal data is safe as we don’t scan your messages or listen in to conversations and we’re add free, so no sharing your data with third parties.

Free Audio and Video calls

Keep in touch with audio and video calls. Perfect for quick check-ins or lengthy conversations. You can make and receive free, high-quality, audio and video calls with all of your friends and family on LinxApp.


The LinxApp chatroom truly is the first of its kind to be included within a messaging app. You decide how you want to enter our chatroom. Join with your personal profile and full name or anonymously with a nickname and avatar. Once you’re in, find new friends to chat with and get engaged in the chatroom discussions happening from around the world. If you are on the chatroom to forge new friendships or if you are on the look out for love, the chatroom is equipped with search filters. This allows you to search for specific types of people and start up conversations with those who match your search preferences.

Message reactions

In a rush? Make replying to messages fast and easy with 8 quick to send message reactions in response to messages, images or videos. One little image really can be worth many words when you just don’t have time to type.

Face filters

Up your selfie game with a range of filters to change your appearance. Share pictures with your friends and family as they’ve never seen you before, with augmented reality animal filters, scary faces, funky glasses or shock them with a drastic change in your hairstyle.

Customisable themes

Personalise your conversations with pre-made themes or create your own! Change the background with different colours or photos, change all chat and text colours to anything you like. Share themes with friends and use them in group chats! Customise your conversations more than ever before with LinxApp!

Save messages

Never forget a date again! Forget endless scrolling through messages to find that date for a party that was arranged months ago if you save the message when you first receive it. Save important messages from your conversations so you don’t forget or lose that information.


Create group chats for your family and friends to avoid having to send the same message multiple times to everyone individually. Having all your friends in one group chat means plans can easily be arranged or plan to virtually meet up over a group video call.

Stickers and GIF

Can’t find the words for what you want to say? Or perhaps you don’t have the time to type a lengthy response? Don’t worry! With a great selection of Stickers and relatable GIFs, we’ve got you covered with all the best responses to private messages and group chats.

Voice messages

Say what you want to say exactly as you would in real life by sending voice messages. No need for your thumbs to catch up with your brain, with a quicker and more convenient way of responding to a private message or group chat.

More than messaging


LinxApp assures that your privacy is respected. We don’t listen to your audio calls, video calls or your voice messages. Conversations, images and videos are not scanned. You’re conversations remain private.

High quality calls

Enjoy high quality audio and video calls across all mobile devices wherever in the world you are on LinxApp.

Group calls

Staying connected with friends and family is easy with group calls on LinxApp. Join up to 4 people on a group call to have real life conversations as if you were in the same room.

Ads free

On LinxApp you won’t come across any distracting ads as we are completely ad free. No pop-ups and no banners cluttering up your screen with unwanted ads giving you a seamless messaging experience.

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