LinxApp is the latest innovation in messaging applications with the ethos of putting its users back in control of their personal data whilst bringing together everyone’s favourite features in one simple to use app.

We believe communicating online should be fun, which is why we’ve included a range of features to improve your online experience, from face filters, to stickers, GIFS and voice recorded replies LinxApp offers many realistic ways to communicate with your friends and family. Revolutionising the way you communicate online has never been easier.

LinxApps unique global chatroom allows users to make new connections with people from around the world, using either their real name and photo or a fun nickname and avatar. Meet people from other walks of life and different cultures with filters like country, age and gender your next online connection is made easier.

There’s a revolution developing within social media, where people are becoming more aware in the dangers of using certain social media platforms and how your personal data is used and shared, a lot of the time without the user realising and more and more people are wanting to do something about it. LinxApp wants its users to feel safe when communicating online, which is why we don’t scan any messages or images and we definitely don’t listen in your audio and video calls, we’re also ad free, so we won’t be sharing your personal data with any third parties.

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