LinxApp VS Facebook Messenger

January 25, 2021

LinxApp VS Facebook Messenger

LinxApp is the latest innovation in instant messaging, but why choose LinxApp?

There are currently a large range of instant messaging apps and it’s understandable that people may have become accustomed to the online messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, so why should people choose to download LinxApp? To make the decision a little easier here’s a quick comparison of LinxApp VS Facebook Messenger:

Feature LinxApp Messenger
Free audio and video calling
Message reactions
Face Filters
Saved messages
GIFS and Stickers
Voice messages
Image sending
Global Chatroom
Group calling
File sending
Video and voice recording
Standalone chat platform
Ability to log out

As you can see, there are many positives with both apps and they both offer a large range of features, however it is visible that LinxApp offers the Global Chat room, a great feature for if you are looking to meet new people and make new friendships! LinxApp is also a standalone messaging platform, whereas to use Messenger you have to have a Facebook account first, so if you don’t want to join Facebook you can’t use their instant messaging service Messenger.

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