LinxApp VS WhatsApp

February 08, 2021

LinxApp VS WhatsApp

Why do people choose to use certain messaging platforms over others? People often use the platforms which their friends and family use in order to stay connected, but it’s important we take a look at what these apps offer and which one is best suited to our needs.

Instant messengers give us the ability to communicate with each other in ways easier than ever before. LinxApp and WhatsApp are both in the same category of online messaging, so here’s a list of their features in comparison:

Feature LinxApp WhatsApp
Free audio and video calling
Message reactions
Face Filters
Saved messages
GIFS and Stickers
Voice messages
Image sending
Global Chatroom
Chat themes
Personalise chat message colours and text
File sending
Video and voice recording
Doesn’t display your phone number to other users
Doesn’t require a sim card in the device
Ability to log out of the app

LinxApp is a new app but offers users unique features, for example the ability to react to messages and to have face filters on photos and videos. Let’s not forget about the Global Chatroom, which truly is the first of its kind, the feature allows users to connect with people from around the world in a safe and fun environment!

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