February 15, 2020


Privacy and security have become a hot topic in the social media industry, and rightly so as many people are concerned with where their date is being shared and what protection is in place to ensure their safety when communicating online.

LinxApp wants to show that privacy should be at the forefront of social media and online communication, using social media shouldn’t mean users have to sacrifice their personal date or privacy. LinxApp proves you shouldn’t have to compromise on your online safety and privacy with their strict policies.

Here are the top ways LinxApp works in protecting its users:

  • LinxApp doesn’t scan, save or read any of its user’s messages or images and they don’t listen in to any calls, meaning the conversations users have stay private between them.
  • When using the global chat room users have the option to either enter with their real name and photo or a nickname and avatar, users have the choice if and when they share their personal information with other users
  • LinxApp is completely ad free! Meaning users data is never shared with advertisers or third parties, so there aren’t any annoying targeted ads popping up
  • With LinxApp you can log out of devices, protecting your data and messages if your phone is lost or stolen
What is the Chatroom feature

LinxApp is working hard to show people that they shouldn’t have to sacrifice their privacy to social media companies just to be able to communicate online, with online developments advancing so fast, it’s vital that people feel safe online. Users can rest assured that their privacy is respected and their data is safe with LinxApp.

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