Why LinxApp?

January 11, 2021

Why LinxApp

Are you looking for an alternative to current online messaging apps? With the internet constantly developing and online communication becoming more popular, it’s important to ensure your safety online, which is why LinxApp has made users online safety a priority, here at LinxApp we understand the importance of protecting your personal information and online data, which is why we listen to our users concerns and put you back in control of your data, ensuring a safer and more secure environment for yourself, your friends and your family.

That’s not all we have to offer though! LinxApp makes communicating online even more realistic with video and audio calling, voice messages, GIFS, stickers and emotion reactions, all features which make online interaction less like you’re talking through a phone and more like a face-to-face conversation!

Check out our top features which are sure to make you love LinxApp:

  • LinxApp is fun and keeps you connected. Whether at home or on the other side of the world, stay connected with your friends and family anytime, anywhere.
  • LinxApp is secure. Your conversations (voice and text) are yours. We don’t eavesdrop or read your messages.
  • Face filters, GIFs and Stickers. Personalise your messages and photos which a range of fun add-ons.
  • LinxApp is a community. Join the community and chat with users around the world in our free chatroom. Sign up with your name or choose a fun nickname to join the conversation.
  • LinxApp is completely ad free. No more annoying ads popping up and ad free means we don't share your information with any third parties!

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